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Online Consultation


With my bespoke online consultations I offer programs designed specifically to meet your individuals needs.

These programs focus on your underlining medical history providing you with natural tools

for better health and wellbeing. Drawing from the Ayurvedic principals including natural herbs, diet advice and energy medicine. 


By combing this knowledge we can help you:


Boost your immune system

Raise your energy levels

Improve your sleep

Regulate your metabolism (thyroid problems)

Reduce stress

Aid weight loss

Regulate degenerative diseases (Blood pressure, cholesterol, IBS...) 

Stimulate your digestion 

Rejuvenate your body

To book a video appointment please contact me by e-mail on the contact form below or call  directly.

Your Health Starts Here

Your Health Starts Here

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07794 323 780

Westbourne Street, Hove East Sussex, BN3 5PF

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