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Ayurvedic Treatments


Herbal Massage/Oils:

One and a half hour of relaxation, nourishment and rebalancing of the doshas through oils and herbs specifically chosen according to your dosha. Again, the skin is used to supply body and mind with the right herbs for the given complaint.


Diet Advice:

Based on the vikrutii – the disease-causing dosha/function, which is out of balance. The Ayurvedic advice is based on the energetic, rather than the biochemical nature of food.


Life Style Advice:

Suggestions about eating, diet, exercise, yoga and breathing techniques/pranayama. Not everybody is suited for ashtanga yoga, raw vegetables, fresh squeezed fruit juices or nuts and seeds. Your constitution, age, the season and what you are eating play a major role of what you should have and do and what not. To change from a diseased body to a healthy one, your mind has to change first.


Herbal Treatment:

In ayurvedic terms food is seen as medicine, but if the disease is stronger than the person, ayurvedic medicines are given. The herbs are all organic and fair traded. Capsules, tablets, powders, herbs, oils and tinctures are available.



Finding out your individual constitution by examination of the tongue, taking the pulse and asking specific questions about physical, mental and emotional patterns. This is to find out, which one of the functions/doshas is out of balance, causing disease.

Head Massage 

Using the acupressure points on your face and head to switch of the fight and flight response leaving you relaxed as the worries melt away.  

Ayurvedic Facial

Including herbal warm applications to stimulate circulation and collagen. Using organic cleansers, exfoliators and creams. With Rosewater eye pads to sooth and relax the eyes.

A head and facial massage using acupressure points to soften the facial muscles leaving it glowing and rejuvenated.


Gift Vouchers:

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