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What can Ayurveda offer you


It can help you with a wide range of diseases, and even better,

it can help preventing diseases to occur.



By finding the right diet for your individual constitution.

By finding a life style in harmony with your body and mind.

It can help you dealing with stress effectively.

It can help you maximising your energy resources, and living to the full.

By a systematic process of detoxification. By rejuvenating the tissues.

…optimising your digestion.

…balancing your bodily and mental functions.

Once you know your constitution and the diseases you might develop, you will be able to be your own doctor


How does Ayurveda works

The three doshas or bodily functions (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) are responsible for your constitution. They make up your physical and mental character. They are responsible for specific diseases we develop, for our habits, behaviours, cravings and emotions.Ayurveda gives you the key to understand these functions and to balance them.


The imbalance of the three bodily functions (Tri Doshas) are mostly created by internal (diet), external (seasonal and environmental) influences and mental factors.

Ayurveda prevents imbalance and cures disease through the knowledge of the person’s individual constitution and their needs, desires and aversions


Vata (The Wind element)

Is mostly responsible for the function of the motor and sensory system and degenerative diseases like arthritis, spondylosis, or pains like back pain, headache or insomnia, nervous tensions, exhaustion and fear.


Pitta (The Fire element)

Is responsible for all metabolic actions like good digestion and for all kinds of internal and external inflammations, like peptic ulcer, gastritis, skin diseases, and also for feelings like anger, hate and jealousy.


Kapha (The Earth element)

Creates stability and structure, and at the same time can be the cause of phlegm and blocks in the body, resulting for example in sinusitis, congestions in the chest like asthma, bronchitis, common colds and obesity.


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