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FEB 24st - MARCH 3rd 2023 FROM £775 (

Yoga / Chi Gong/Energy Medicine/Massage/Wellness

Schedule Maximum Group Size 12


Based at a secluded, ocean sunset Ayurvedic retreat, this is an ideal opportunity to refresh, rejuvenate and recreate .


Excellent massage and treatment facilities are avalible on site, the session will begin by stretching out and relaxing tensed up bodies and souls. With daily yoga, the cleansing qualities of the Ayurvedic cuisine and a relaxed five day introduction into the basics of Energy medicine, your healing process will start and spark you into life.

" Thank you so much for the most amazing time. I feel so much better in every way. I am not sure you realise how much you do for people and how important it is....I feel extremely lucky to know you!! "

                             Mike Rosenberg/PASSENGER

‘                                     Energy Medicine


                           Sri Lanka – MARCH 2023

                    'Energy Medicine' – MARCH 04

                       MARCH 11/12 2023 ( 7/8 nts )
                         Fri/Sat 03/04 – Depart for Colombo
               Arrive Colombo – Airport Transfer – Beruwala 7 nts
                     Orientation dinner - 19.00 Sun MARCH 05
                       Mon MARCH 06- Sat MARCH 11- Beruwala
               yoga – chi qong – energy medicine – massage – wellness
 Couple : £775 - £795 each --- Single : £865 - £895 (excl. flights)



Energy healing is a non-invasive form of alternative medicine, a healing technique to correct energy imbalance in the human body by activating the natural healing resources present within and thereby addressing any physical, mental or behavioural problems. It targets the energy fields around the body with simple techniques based on the meridians and chakras. 

Michaela Augustin


Chi Gong/

Energy Healing


Micha has travelled in Asia many times and is a knowledgeable and experienced teacher and guide. Originating from northern Germany and now resident in Brighton, England. Also a trained archaeological conservator, having worked on sites in Germany, China, Turkey, Cyprus and England. After studies in Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Thai Chi and Chi Gong, Micha discovered the complete science of Ayurveda. After training for 2 years in Banares and Pune at the BHU and the Tilak College, she completed certified courses in Ayurveda, Yoga and Ayurvedic massage, graduating with a BSc in Ayurveda in London to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner in Brighton. Combining her interests in Asian culture, history, spirituality and Yoga, Micha will guide you on this rejuvenating journey. 

At an ocean sunset Ayurvedic retreat, this is an ideal opportunity to refresh, rejuvenate and recreate. Under the expert guidance of a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner and Yoga teacher, and with excellent massage and wellness facilities on site – Ayurvedic cuisine if preferred. 

With daily yoga, chi qong and the enquiry into the various Energy Medicines, the shakti, the boundless energy within, should begin to spark into life. Veda’ means knowledge, the knowledge of our own inner nature. Ayurveda itself means knowledge of a healthy life, part of the wider Vedic system underpinning Indian spiritual culture. 

Ayurvedic Treatment – Ayurvedic massages are normally of a very high standard and are highly recommendable. If a client wishes to pursue Ayurvedic medical treatment whilst on site, then that is entirely a client decision and the client’s responsibility alone. We take no view on whether or not Ayurvedic treatment would or would not be appropriate for the ailment treated.


Energy Medicine – Ypsylon Ayurvedic Resort – 6 nts
Daily Schedule :
08.00 - 08.30 Chi Qong 
16.30 - 17.00 Yoga
17.00 - 18.30 Energy Medicine
19.00 – 22.00 Dinner


With the restaurant open for breakfast until 11.00 am, and then all day until 22.00, the idea is to have relaxed days until the 16.30 session. The 5 day/25 treatment wellness package (£180) needs reserving when placing your deposit and please notify in advance if you require daily full body Ayurvedic massages (5=£80). Otherwise select from the menu of massages and treatments upon arrival.



Sat/Sun MARCH 04/05 - Sat/Sun MARCH 11/12 - Beruwala - 7/8 nts

Staying at the well established and well run Ypsylon Ayurvedic Resort

Simply appointed nice clean rooms:

Superior double sea view rooms - E40/nt single E 35/nt

Excellent Ayurvedic and massage facilities

International/Sri Lankan / Ayurvedic Cuisine

Full details below

Sun MARCH 12 - Beruwala - Colombo Airport

06.00 Transfer for the 09.55 Emirates flight

         Sun MARCH 12 - Tues MARCH 14th Antiquities Tour

              sigiriya - polonnaruwa - anuradhapura -  3nts/ 3 days

On the trail of the Buddha…… from the divine gaze of the 4th-5th century Samadhi Statue to the enormous 1st-2nd century dagobas, the world’s largest solid structures after the Pyramids, the sprawling archaeological wonders of Anuradhapura are one of South Asia’s most evocative sites. A branch of the Sri Maha Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya, under which the Buddha attained enlightenment, was planted in 288 BC by Sangamitta, the daughter of Emperor Asoka, after which Anuradhapura flourished as a spiritual centre and capital until being abandoned following the invasion in 993 AD by the mighty Chola empire of Southern India.

                         Antiquities Tour - 3 nts/3 days

                        Sharing : £320 - Single : £385

MARCH 12/14 2023 - the budget includes :

-3 days transport : Beruwala/Sigiriya/Polonnaruwa/Anuradhapura/Colombo

-2 Archaeological Zone Donation tickets - Anuradhapura and

Polonnaruwa - 2 x$25 us

-2 nts breakfast and evening meals at the Sudu Araliya in Polonnaruwa

-1 nt Amora Lagoon Colombo Airport

- Espirita fees : £95

-4 persons minimum


Day 1 - Beruwala - Sigiriya

08.00 - Depart Beruwala

13.30 Arrive Sigiriya

15.30 -16.45 Transfer to Polonnaruwa


Day 1 - 3 - Polonnaruwa 2 nts

Staying at the slightly upmarket Sudu Araliya for it's incredibly beautiful lakeside location

-Mon MARCH 13 - 8.30 Visit archaeological zone

-13.00 -  Relax at hotel pm

Day 3 Anuradhapura

08.00 - Depart Polonnaruwa

10.30 - 14.00 Visit archaeological zone

14.00 - 16.30 transfer to Colombo airport


          All prices to be reconfirmed in early JAN 2023

February 05-12, 2022 - the budget includes :
- 7 nts accommodation with breakfast - all Espirita clients pay for their own hotel rooms
- The Ayurvedic Centre quotes its room rates in Euros, which are subject to currency movements

-6 daily Ayurvedic Full Body Massage - payable on site 
-7 days restaurant approx.£20 a day - payable on site

-5 days Energy Medicine course - yoga & chi qong daily - on site support
- Espirita fees - payable to Espirita : £425


The budget excludes :
- International flights, airport transfers, lunches, most dinners and living expenses.
- Massage, Wellness & Ayurvedic Treatments
– Extra night on arrival 

Variable Expenses : 
- Airport Transfers arriving at / departing from Colombo Airport will be organized with the hotels and added to client room accounts. About £40-£80 for both transfers, varying with numbers taxi sharing.

Reservation Procedure :
- Research your flight options - note the Emirates flight options below
- Do not reserve your flights - until the Tour has been confirmed by Espirita
- Email Espirita : - with proposed flight dates
- You will then receive place confirmation
- A £25 course deposit with Espirita will then need to be placed
- Tour Confirmation Date : September/October 2021  – or sooner depending on global pandemic
- Upon Tour confirmation :
- Proceed with booking and confirming your flights
- Clients to pay their own room accounts on site by card. (TBC)
- The balance of your Espirita fees falls due in early January   


Travel Information  

Visas - Online 30 day tourist visas are free for citizens of most Western countries, but they need to be obtained for pre-approval before travelling to Sri Lanka. One cannot apply for visas until 3 months before the date of arrival in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka High Commission London - Visa Link : 
Do not use any other links and do not pay for a Visa

Flights : As all our itineraries are accessible internationally, we do not quote for flights. Fly direct to Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport and you will be picked up by hotel transport. Frequent flights go via the various Gulf Airlines, and Sri Lanka Airlines has direct flights from Heathrow.
Flights : For those for whom it is convenient and affordable, clients may consider the well priced Emirates flights from Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Manchester (HGSM) via Dubai : 
Fri Feb 04, 2022 :
EK --- - DEP HGSM 13.00-14.00 / ARR Dubai : 00.00-00.45
EK 650 - DEP Dubai 02.35 / ARR Colombo 08.25 - Sat Feb 05
Sun Feb 13, 2022 :
EK 651 - DEP Colombo 09.55 / ARR Dubai : 13.00
EK --- - DEP Dubai 14.15-14.45 / ARR HGSM 17.45-19.00 same day

Connect in Dubai - Clients from other countries might consider joining this schedule in Dubai

Accommodation – We Reserve / You Pay - Espirita makes the reservations and clients pay their own hotel bills on check out and/or check in depending on hotel methods of payment. Clients pay for and manage their rooms on site on an independent traveller basis. Rooms are not offered on a shared basis for people who do not know each other beforehand.

Health - Asia is a lot healthier than it used to be. Bottled water everywhere has made a big difference to traveller comfort and sticking to the wonderful vegetarian cooking is one way of avoiding stomach problems.

However - Personal Medical Decisions: All clients must seek relevant professional medical advice and decide for themselves on the following immunisation guidelines: Hepatitis A & B - Polio Booster - Tetanus Booster - Typhoid - Diptheria - Rabies - TB (BCG), Japanese Encephalitis – Yellow Fever - Malaria – Sri Lanka is presently a low risk Malaria country, but double check 4 weeks before flying.

Insurance - All Espirita clients are advised to be fully insured, with comprehensive medical policies that cover transfer to first class medical facilities and emergency repatriation

Food – Sri Lanka has a great culinary tradition and is normally a good eating scene. Very reasonably priced – the hotel evening buffets in Marawila and Polonnaruwa were no more than £10 per person.

Climate – Sri Lanka has a tropical climate with all year round highs of 30C-35C, and warm evenings. Though mostly sunny, there is the possibility of showers in early December, and clients are advised to pack a folding umbrella.

Roads – Whilst not remotely kowtowing to the Chinese Communist Party, nevertheless Sinhala-Chinese ‘co-operation’ has produced an excellent, well maintained road system. Mostly single lane roads, but with a well engineered 150 kms long dual carriageway serving the south west coast. Beruwala to Colombo Airport is no more than 90 minutes at 100 kph.

Communications – Mobile phones work throughout Sri Lanka and good wifi is ubiquitous.

Rituals - Where permissible for non-Buddhists, and in order to savour the spiritual atmosphere of the sites visited, participation in simple temple rituals should be considered. For those who have a personal relationship with God, it is quite appropriate to see their deity in the one that is there. 

Reservation / ContactDetails




+44 1619 285 768


07794 323 780

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